Top 7 Points to Consider About Phonepe

Top 7 Points to Consider About Phonepe:

We all have been now using the digital payments app for easy and cashless payments. They allow us to directly send or receive the payments in the back without any risk. Phonepe is also a UPI-based platform that allows merchants and customers to pay and receive the amount easily. You can also use the app for your utility payments and other uses. Read this article to get your hands on some of the unknown facts about Phonepe.

  • India’s First UPI based App: 

Phonepe is India’s first UPI based digital payment application. UPI refers to Unified Payments Interface and is built over Immediate Payment Service (IMPS). It allows you to easily transfer money between the bank accounts, simply using the VPA or mobile number. You need not enter your bank details or the IFSC codes. Just enter the mobile number and send the money to the payer directly in their bank accounts.

  • No Need for the Bank Account Details:

There are around 30 big banks available on the UPI platform. These banks include HDFC, Standard Chartered, ICICI, State Bank and many more. All you need to do to link your account to the PhonePe app is to enter your bank name and mobile number, and the UPI will automatically retrieve all the essential details from the Bank from a secured network.

Refunds from Myntra or Flipkart will be transferred directly to the Phonepe wallet.

  • No Multiple Authentication Methods:

The best part of the application is that you need not enter the debit or credit card details, neither OTP, the IFSC details or any other information. You can receive or send the money from Virtual Payment Address (VPA). Either the merchant is offline or online, you can pay them directly without any authentication factors.

  • Elimination of Wallet:

Several digital payment apps allow to receive the payment in the wallet and also send them from the wallet. Phonepe thus eliminates the same and allows you to transfer from the Bank directly. You need not load your transfer in the wallet, add money to the wallet and send it. It allows direct sending and receivals in the bank accounts.

  • Multiple Utility:

 You can use this digital payment app to pay for different uses. You can pay your utility and post-paid bills and recharge your data packs or the mobile data packs. DTH can also be recharged from the app. You can request or send money to your contacts, either by their name, number or VPA. The app also allows the split option to its users to easily split out their bills amongst their friends.

  • Safe and Secured:

It would help if you now worried about the safety of your transactions, as the Yes Bank powers it. All the payments from this app are transferred through the secured banking network and do not store any passwords or data. You need to enter your MPIN to proceed with the transaction, which you only know.

Also, all the platform transactions are free of cost, and the user does not have to incur any additional charges.

How can you get Phonepe customer care number?

Suppose you want to contact the customer care executive of the platform. They offer an easy way for this too. All you need to do is click on the Contact Us tab either on the website or the webpage.

After that, you will get multiple options to register your complaint to the forum, either by calling the number or writing down a mail to them being a customer or a merchant.

Easy Ride Bookings with Ola:

Easy Ride Bookings with Ola:

Cabs are the preferable way for transport these days, and Ola is one of the most preferred platforms. Ola was launched back in 2010, and it has been ten years since its successful operation. It was found only as a ridesharing company but eventually has evolved more than this and has started its services in multiple sectors.

Being such a renowned platform, you need to beware before scrolling to their online websites and links. Many people are out there with duplicate websites, waiting to earn money illegally; Ola Customer Care Number is the hot topic for them.

Scroll to some of the App or website facts you need to be aware of before clicking any of the random links.

How to Book a Ride?

You can easily book your cab ride with ola, either from their App or from the official website. all you need to do is enter your existing location and the one you want to travel for. After this, you need to select the type of vehicle you want to ride in, a luxurious one or the economical one.

The App has multiple options depending on the locality and availability of drivers. After entering all the essential information, the App will provide you with the nearest driver details and cab details and give an in-app option to chat with him for further clarifications. Your total amount will also be estimated and displayed on the screen before the ride starts.

Points to remember before the ride starts:

You need to be aware of some points before seated in the cab, as this will ensure your safety measures on your end.

Always check the number plate and cab driver details before starting the ride.

Ola strictly denies sharing the OTP with anyone, as it can be misused and later will be the reason for chaos.

Do check that your drover has followed all the regulations instructed to him by the company.

If you find any flaw in your ride, you may write up your suggestions instantly on the App.

After this pandemic, you need to ensure that the driver follows all the rules and regulations imposed by the government for your safety concerns. Ensure that he is wearing a shield and mask and properly sanitizes his vehicle before any new ride. Maintain advised distance from your driver.

Privacy Issues:

There have been a lot of queries on Ola privacy issues. On their official website, the company has mentioned all the essential facts you need to know about them. They have said that they consistently work for your smooth rides and experience. They have also asked their customer to be aware of online frauds. We often link our debit or credit cards with Ola Payment methods for easy payments. They have mentioned not to share your OTP and passwords with anyone, as this might put your entered information at risk.

They have strictly denied calling on any of the Ola customer care number listed online, as they are not associated with the same. Also, the company has asked not to entertain any incoming calls from ola customer care executives requesting OTP as they have mentioned that they do not call their customers for the same. After sharing your OTP, you give the customer full access to your ola money account and wallet, which might be risky.

Also, they have asked not be answer any calls asking or explaining promotional offers or any messages sharing any links for the same. All the website offers are displayed while booking a ride, and Ola has clearly said that they will never share their promotional offers on text or call.

YONO SBI – The Best Application for Online Bank Transactions

The SBI has launched its comprehensive digital service platform for the convenience of its customers. The application is known as YONO (You Only Need One). This is an Omni digital app that allows the customers to have everything linked to financial services and lifestyle services. 

The main reason behind this application is to offer the customers control over various financial services except for the service of deposit or withdraw the cash. Due to the YONO app, the State Bank of India has seen a rise in their digital transaction from 26% to 36%. And the ATM transaction has slightly fallen from 44 percent to 33 percent. 

What categories does YONO SBI app offer? 

No wonder one can always call at YONO SBI customer care number to solve their issues. But the application offers various categories for the customers to seek advantage. Here are some of the categories mentioned below: 

  • Banking and renting cabs. 
  • dining 
  • hotels and stay 
  • Exciting discounts and amazing offers by more than 60 E-Commerce players.
  • Medical
  • Travel, etc. 

What is the right way to transfer or send money via the YONO SBI app? 

  • Firstly, login into SBI YONO app via your smartphone. 
  • Go to the home screen of the application and tap on the option ‘Fund Transfer.’ 
  • Further, you need to select the beneficiary. Fill in your details following the amount you want to transfer. 
  • Authentic the transfer process using MPIN. 
  • The user will get the successful transfer message on his smartphone. 

Instead of visiting the SBI bank branch, you can transfer money using YONO SBI. This method is quite simple and requires only 10 minutes. 


The YONO SBI app is meant to offer great convenience to the users. People who are always on the go can use this app. On the other hand, if you face any issue with the app, you can always call on YONO SBI customer care number

A step-to-step guide to booking a cab from uber

A step-to-step guide to booking a cab from uber

Hunting for a rapid cab booking service? Uber is a complete package for you containing fast and easy booking services and some other features. These extra efforts include the benefit of tracking your loved one sitting in the cab while his ride.

You can also choose the route for reaching your destination and call on Uber Customer Care Number to learn about the fare calculation and get informed about your cab’s location. But what if your booking gets cancelled every time? Maybe you are doing it wrong. So, we have come up to help you get picked up by a cab anywhere, anytime.

Follow the following steps to book an uber cab:

Step-1. Download the Uber app

Open the Playstore and search for Uber and click on the install option.

Step-2. Launch the Uber app

Once it gets downloaded, you get back to the menu and find the Uber icon. To start using it, turn on your GPS setting to enable the app to predict your location. 

You can also type your pickup location in case the detected location is incorrect.

Step-3. Choose your ride type.

Uber offers multiple ride options, including UberPOOL and UberGO. If you want to travel alone, select the UberPOOL but if you are travelling with your group, book an UberGO for a group of four members. 

Step-4. Confirm your cab booking

While confirming your ride, you need to be a little more attentive and select the ride type and confirm the number of seats you require. After confirming the number of seats and selecting the ‘confirm pickup’ option, you will have to wait for a while, and the app will show your cab’s name, picture and number.

A few features:

Here are some of the beneficial features you will get apart from affordable rides. A few of them are:

  • In case you change your mind to go, or you realize that you have entered the wrong address, uber allows you to cancel your ride. For this cancellation, there are chances that you will be partially charged or else you will be charged a little cancellation fee on your next ride.
  • Uber gives you a valid  Uber Customer Care Number to get in touch with the customer support team in a problematic situation.
  • If you used to book a cab for a location more often, it would allow you to add the location to your saved places. This feature will help you save time to fill in the address again the next time you book a cab for the same location.
  • Uber also offers multiple promo codes or coupons. You can use these promo codes by clicking on ‘add promo/gift card’ and enter the code in the displayed box. This entered promo code will automatically get applied the next time you book a cab for the relevant location.


Besides the gift cards or promo codes, easy booking services, easy cancellation, Uber also offers free rides to its users if they invite their friends on uber and send invite’s text messages to them. 

The users can also use an in-app ticket if they have forgotten your stuff in the car. Sounds very helpful, right? And do you know what the most beneficial feature is? You can raise an in-app ticket if you think you have been charged in the wrong way. So, leave all your worries behind and book a cab for yourself or your loved ones and get the quickest pickups.

We hope we have educated you in the right way to book a ride for you whether you need a ride for one or two-person or a group of four members.